Of course, conservatories are an excellent addition to any home. They give you extra light and airy living space, which is multi-functional and most importantly, cost-effective. However, there are many issues that do come with conservatories, especially if you have a slightly older structure, that will limit their useability and functionality. However, there are quite a few fixes to these issues and they can be dealt with when you take the right steps.

Here at Guardian Roofs Birmingham, we are proud suppliers of the fully insulated and thermally efficient Guardian Warm Roof. Our Roofs will instantly turn a cold, dreary glass conservatory into a quiet, comfortable and relaxing space that you can sit back and relax in all year round, no matter what the weather.

If you are wondering what some of the conservatory problems are that you could be facing this winter, we have put together our guide to give you some extra information. We also saw it fit to provide you with some information on how a Guardian Warm Roof could transform your home, so read on to find out more.

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Problem 1: Temperature

One of the most common problems that people find with older glass conservatories is their tendency to be way too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Glass is a poor insulator, so it will allow heat to leak out in the winter and too much in during hot summer days. The key to fixing this is insulating your structure.

A solid roof, such as the Guardian Warm Roof, will provide significantly more insulation than a glass roof. In fact, the Guardian Warm Roof is fully energy efficient and achieves a maximum U value of 0.18 W/m2K. This means that the warm air will be kept out in the summer and won’t escape in the winter, thus saving the amount of heat needed to keep the room at ambient temperature.

Problem 2: Brightness

Of course, somedays a room full of sunlight can be gorgeous. However, when you have a glass conservatory, the sunlight can just seem too bright, making the space less enjoyable to be in. However, finding an effective solution for providing some shade when it’s needed can allow you to use the conservatory throughout the day comfortably. Blinds are a cheap and easy solution, but a Guardian Warm Roof can also significantly reduce sun glare and in turn prevent sun bleaching to fixtures and fittings.

Problem 3: Noise

Glass is such a thin material, so therefore it’s not naturally a good barrier to sound. Double or triple glazing can help with any noise, but if you fit them and still find that your conservatory is letting in too much noise, there are further solutions.

Generally, you will find that any solutions you use that work for heat insulation will work for sound too.

Problem 4: Condensation

Another common problem that typically occurs in glass conservatories is condensation, especially during the winter months. Your conservatory will typically be much colder than other rooms in your home and when the cold air circulates into your conservatory, water vapour will find its way into your conservatory with nowhere to go. This builds up, leading to condensation.

One of the simplest solutions, which isn’t necessarily a long term one, is to buy a dehumidifier and then run this for a few hours of the day. However, this will use a lot of electricity and isn’t energy efficient. Adding better ventilation can also help, but the best solution is to improve the insulation properties of the structure. As mentioned above, this can be done by simply adding a Guardian Warm Roof.

Comfortable Conservatory

We hope that this article has shown you that a Guardian Warm Roof can truly transform your existing conservatory for the better. With the winter on its way, we all know it’s important to ensure that your home is ready, so why neglect your conservatory? Here at Guardian Roofs Birmingham, we are a member of the Guardian Network. It’s our goal to supply you with a high-quality, fully-insulated Guardian Warm Roof that will transform your unused conservatory into a space that you can finally enjoy. As a team, we proudly have over 40 years’ experience in the trade and can offer you an excellent level of customer service, attention to detail and outstanding build quality.

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