Wonderful Conservatory Ideas To Transform Your Conservatory Room

Guardian conservatory


Your conservatory space is a wonderful extension in your home that has a huge amount of potential applications. As there are so many different applications – we have created this article to help you get inspired and completely transform your conservatory space.


We have also included information to help you enjoy your conservatory should you be restricted by your current conservatory or if you have a polycarbonate or glass conservatory. To find out more about our wonderful range of conservatory extensions as well as our Guardian Warm Roof system, get in touch today to find out more.


“My Conservatory is too Cold in the Winter and Too Hot in the Summer”


One of the most common issues that our clients contact us with when discussing their conservatory if it has a polycarbonate or glass roof is that their conservatory is uncomfortable in extreme weather. Another common complaint or frustration is that a conservatory is very loud in extreme weather such as rain or when there is a lot of noise in the garden or outside you home. This is understandably a huge frustration due to the fact that a traditional conservatory is a significant investment and you are not able to enjoy your conservatory all year round.


This is why we created the Guardian Warm Roof System to allow our clients to enjoy their conservatory in rain or shine or extreme temperatures. Polycarbonate was extensively used for traditional conservatory roofing due to the fact that it is a cheap material that is easy to mass-produce. However – polycarbonate conservatory roofing lacks thermal efficiency and can leak which can cause huge issues to your conservatory.


By replacing your conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof System, you don’t just improve the appearance of your conservatory, you now have a fully insulated soundproofed roof that is exactly what you always wanted. Find out more information about our replacement conservatory roofs now.


Choosing to Install a Guardian Conservatory Extension


Should you be looking to install a conservatory in your home then why not consider a Guardian Conservatory Extension? Our extensions are a highly cost-effective and innovative solution, especially when compared to traditional conservatories. Guardian Conservatory Extensions are built using SIP Panels which are fabricated off-site and are then delivered and erected within two to three weeks. Our conservatory extensions not only takes advantage of the simplified planning processes afforded by modular construction but enables the use of modern materials greatly enhancing the insulation efficiency of these extensions.


If you are thinking about installing a conservatory then we highly recommend considering installing a Guardian Conservatory Extension. You are able to enjoy the benefits of traditional conservatories without all of the drawbacks that are associated with polycarbonate or glass roofing. 


Should you have a Guardian Warm Roof installed or a Guardian Conservatory Extension, you are now able to enjoy your conservatory in the summer and winter months and transform your conservatory into a fully functioning living space. We will now discuss our top picks for our conservatory room ideas. 


1. Create a Designated Office Space


Many homeowners recently have had to adapt to home living and although some have managed to create office spaces – it can be very difficult in many homes. With the hustle and bustle of normal life as well as the fact that your family are likely at home, it may be hard to find a designated space in your home for working, arranging calls and other work-related activities. Adapting your conservatory into a designated office allows you to set up a quiet space that will allow you to work in peace.


2. Create a Wonderful Dining Area


Using your conservatory space creatively is a great way to save space which allows you to transform other rooms in your home. One of the main areas that can suffer from a lack of space is your kitchen area. Without a designated dining area, meals maybe being eaten in the living room or on the couch where you would rather have a designated area for eating. You can transform your conservatory space into an elegant dining area. Whether you are eating together with your family or want to whip up a romantic meal for two, your conservatory can act the perfect dining room.


3. Build a Utility Room in Your Conservatory


If you are struggling for space in your kitchen due to bulky kitchen appliances then a designated utility room in your conservatory area. As utility appliances tend to be bulky and noisy when in operation, they can be an inconvenience in your kitchen space. If your kitchen space is a functioning dining space then these appliances can be highly inconvenient. As your conservatory space is noise resistant as well spacious, it can be the perfect place to create a utility room. You can also use your conservatory for other uses such as a room for a hobby which can double up as your utility room when not in use. As a conservatory is a cost-effective option compared to an extension, it’s the perfect choice should you need additional space.


4. Create a Playroom For Children


If your children tend to make a lot of mess with toys or don’t have their own designated play area then your conservatory can operate as a full playroom. This is perfect should your children be at home and you need some time to yourself or if you want a safe space for them to play while you are occupied or in another room of the house. This designated area is perfectly suited for guests as well as keeping your house tidy as you are able to assign chests or other storage spaces that allow you to keep things tidy when it is playtime and ensure that everything is put away and there is no fuss when a favourite toy goes missing.


5. Use Your Conservatory as a New Room


Stone Conservatory

There are a huge range of new rooms that you can create with your conservatory. Creating a bedroom space in your conservatory is the perfect way to create an additional room in your home for those where moving house is not a viable option should you require additional living space. There are a huge range of other living areas that you can create such as an additional living room or even a designated gaming space or cinema space!


Got a conservatory idea that didn’t make our list? Why not let us know in the comments or let us know on our Facebook page? If you are interested in finding out more about our Guardian Conservatory Extensions or a Guardian Warm Roof then find out more by looking at our website or by getting in touch today!