SIP Panel Extensions

A Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) is made from a sandwich of two layers of stressed skin and one layer of insulation. The stressed skin layers make it exceptionally strong, whilst producing thinner overall wall thicknesses than other forms of construction. With no need for cavity or internal insulation, structural insulated panels can provide a very fast way of constructing very efficient walls with u-values as low as 0.15, without additional insulation.

SIPs are a very flexible product and can be used with any external cladding, be it brick, render, weatherboarding or metal cladding. Equally they can be roofed with slates, tiles or metal roofing. Internally they can be simply finished with plasterboard and a skim coating (with service cavities where needed) meaning that wet trades are kept to a minimum, speeding up build times even further. They are suitable for new builds and home extensions as well as being ideal in-fill panels between other structures like steel or oak frames



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SIP Panel Extensions

A Tried & Tested Solution

SIP Panel Extensions were first developed in America in the 1930’s and have been widely-used in the UK since the 1980’s. They have a proven track record of performance and testing, and have a C.A.T.G. SIP Mark Scheme. The Building Research Establishment, an independent testing body, have produced an Information Paper (IP 13/04) on structural insulated panels and have conducted testing on SIPs on behalf of the Government and insurers.

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Watch the video of a how the Guardian Warm Roof and Kingspan Tek-Panel products are used to construct a single storey extension within just 3 weeks from start to finish.

Peace Of Mind


We provide a 10 year guarantee on every SIP panel extension that we install. Through Consumer Protection Association we also provide a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, some of the other benefits include: 


SIPs have fantastic insulation and eco qualities: Less waste is produced when you build with SIPs & very little energy is used during the manufacturing process. SIPs are usually more energy efficient, stronger, quieter and more ait tight than older technologies. Less air leakages means less drafts, fewer noises and lower energy bills.


SIPs can be made to measure, meaning when it comes to the construction everything is already cut to size, which utlimately saves time on the site. This will dramatically lower costs and time involved in the build. A faster build will reduce overall costs due to reducws project management and other over all costs. 


SIPs are extremely easy to connect together as part of your build, meaning that the average project is completed in a much shorter space of time, this can sometimes only be a couple of hours. 


SIPs are extremely superior to traditional wood framing – stronger and less susceptible to shifting and when using them with roofing, roof trusses can be eliminated, which allows living space beneath the roof. 


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Professional fitting is crucial

We supply and install SIP Panel extensions throughout the North of England. All of our engineers are approved to install the Guardian Warm Roof system and Guardian Roofs Birmingham is also approved by Guardian to install their specialist panels. To go to Guardian and check that we are registered please click HERE.

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